Importing data into RevDB

Geoff Canyon Rev gcanyon+rev at
Tue Dec 8 03:36:05 EST 2009

> A note of caution when using this.
> The chunking rules for Rev are that a line can contain items, but items
> cannot contain lines.
> Lines can contain items, items contain words.
>  wrong =  line 6 of item 4, no matter the delimiter

You can get past this by adding parentheses:

  item 1 of word 2 of "this,is,a test,string" -- gives you an error
  item 1 of (word 2 of "this,is,a test,string") -- gives you "test"

Likewise, if field 1 contains:


  item 3 of fld 1 -- gives you "a" & cr & "test"
  line 2 of item 3 of fld 1 -- gives you an error
  line 2 of (item 3 of fld 1) -- gives you "test"

And if you really want to mess with things:

set the linedelimiter to "s"
  line 2 of (item 3 of (word 4 of "this is a crazy,mixedup,test")) --
gives you "t"


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