Found it!!! (Was: Re: Is it possible to change the revlet embed html?)

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Sun Dec 6 12:41:46 EST 2009

On 12/6/09 7:16 PM, Dom wrote:
> Richmond Mathewson<richmondmathewson at>  wrote:
>> Sorry to hear * that Dom; what exactly do you mean by:
>> "with Studio I can't help Studio creating Mac and Windows standalone,
>> along with the "Web" standalone"
>> I just created 4 standalones (Mac, Win, Lin and Web) from 1 stack (on
>> a Mac computer) with Studio.
> What I need is only a _Web_ app, not the Mac&  Windows ones ;-)

OK:  Go to menu    File / Standalone Application Settings...

When the Standalone Window opens you will see icons along the top:

  General     Stacks    Copy File    Mac OS    OS X    Windows    
Unix    Web    Bug Reports

Click on the 'OS X' icon and DESELECT the "Build for Mac" Checkbox

Click on the 'Windows' icon and DESELECT the "Build for Windows" Checkbox

Click on the 'Web' icon and SELECT the 'Build for Web' Checkbox

Close the Standalone Window

SAVE your stack!

Go to menu    File / Save As Standalone Application...

Cross your fingers.

Love, Richmond.

> With Media*, I get only the wanted *.revlet
> With Studio, I get 3 "apps" ;-)
> *I Know that Media is unable to create Mac and Windows standalones

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