Found it!!! (Was: Re: Is it possible to change the revlet embed html?)

Dom mcdomi at
Sun Dec 6 09:48:18 EST 2009

J. Landman Gay <jacque at> wrote:

> Did you change the javascript in the html file? That's all it needs. 
> Also make sure the source parameter is the name of your mainstack in 
> both cases.

I tried hard ;-)

Again and again... with no luck
-- until I noticed the"<div>" style parameters!!!

the first DIV in given this parameter: "display: block" instead of
"display: none" as created by Media (or Studio*)

the second DIV, which host the substack, is given NO display parameter

and... that works!!!

so, it was more of a page problem, than a stack problem ;-)

* with Studio I can't help Studio creating Mac and Windows standalone,
along with the "Web" standalone

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