Code Samples/Comparisons

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Sat Dec 5 06:37:47 EST 2009

I agree with Richmond.   But then I'm someone who doesn't understand
why RunRev has devoted resources to on-rev and the plugin when things
like unicode and quicktime integration are still broken.

I think that the true strength (and uniqueness) of Rev lies in
fat-client development.  Of course the tiny size of the engine makes
the plugin possible, and the fact that revTalk works without a GUI
makes the serverside code possible.  But those are both areas in which
Rev is facing long-established competitors.

But in this day of youtube and, it seems a mistake to not
have videos on the runrev website demonstrating the point Richmond is

In fact, in the code comparison pdf, the Rev line of code is so small
it is actually possible to fail to see it (I did) and to concentrate
on the other languages instead.  To someone who was not paying
attention, they might think that the code samples in Java etc. are
actually representative of programming in Rev.  We might recognize the
difference between revTalk and Java - a novice won't know.

The thing that Runrev needs to remember is that the number of
non-programmers vastly outweighs the number of professional
programmers.  It is question of reaching those people and letting them
know what is possible.  That is why the opinions of people on slashdot
and the serverside are irrelevant.  If people were expecting on-rev to
be the new ruby on rails, they were setting themselves up for


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