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Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Thu Dec 3 18:07:34 EST 2009

On 12/3/09 10:57 PM, John Patten wrote:
> Hi All...
> Looking for a strategy to implement random animations, and then have 
> the animated objects interactions result in additional data...these 
> animations would be part of simulations for students.
> I posted a small example of my first attempt by using polygons and 
> then modifying the points of those polygons and having the object move 
> along their paths. It up on RevOnline tagged with Animation.
> Not sure if there is a better way...., probably will invest in 
> AnimationEngine... seems to simplify many of the things I would like 
> to do once I get a strategy down for animating the screen objects.
> However, not sure if the "randomizing poygon points" strategy is the 
> correct way to about about randomizing objects on the screen...?
> Any other suggestions?
> Thank you!

I have a funny feeling (and, treat this with caution as this is eftir 
that visit sic towmond Ah tak wi
ma guid frinds Zhoro and Mariyana tae tak tent o the towmonds new wine, 
so Ahm unco fou an
nae sae mensefou, an, if thon disnae ken the lallans thats thon skitter, 
nae mine) that one of


is that it does not "like' (and, you will have to pardon the 
anthropomorphism [and, how I managed to type
that with a skinfull of good Bulgarian wine inside me the lord Ganesh 
only knows]) to do 2 or more things at

I have fallen foul of this many times.

But. like many things in life (cough, cough, cough) one can, generally 
get away with faking things:

or, read my lips (which, come to think of it, you will find awfully 
difficult over the internet as my lips,
contrary to materialist opinion, are not governed by a computer 
program): INTERLEAVE ACTIONS so they
APPEAR to be happening simultaneously.  This is a MAJOR FAG, and 
possibly more trouble than it's worth.
Alcoholically fuelled anecdote follows:
Many years ago, in Carbondale, Illinois, USA (a mythological place and a 
mythological time) my wife and I took our Ford
Tempo to K-Mart to do an oil change. The MAN there was on the phone to 
somebody when he said something which will
be forever engraved on my mind: "I cannot do more than one thing at a 
time."  Multitasking wasn't innit!

Cor, luv a duck, I'm drunk.  Good night, and thanks for all the fish.

If you are capable of filtering out the core of this message from the 
drunken rubbish you will find
a valuable hint !

Love, Richmond Mathewson.

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