Rev 4.0 article on TheServerSide

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Dec 2 18:55:20 EST 2009

Andre Garzia wrote:
> Actually I think some of the comments have a point. That language
> comparision pdf is misleading. Even I could write better code than that in
> those languages. I would suggest people on runrev would change that pdf to
> present optimum code in C++/C#/JAVA and the like, like, very professional
> code and see how well Rev stacks against it, even if they are all one
> liners, Rev will be more readable and thus win points. If you post crappy
> code, the users of those languages will clearly recognize the pdf as a bad
> practice and have a bad impression of the language.

IIRC, the Java example of how to make an alias is from the Apple web site.

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