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David Coker davidocoker at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 18:13:11 EST 2009

Although I'm not sure what all is supposed to be functional, I was able to view some golfing videos after browsing around a bit to find where they were located in the program. Also took a snapshot of one and saved it to my desktop. All of the above on a RC running Vista and Firefox.

Pretty nifty concept, but nothing I can use. ;)

My only question at this point... where are all of the files located that were downloaded so that I may remove them from my computer?

Best regards,
David C.

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>Subject: Swing Browser is in testing
>I have entered the testing phase with my new software based on the 
>revweb plugin, and would appreciate any and all feedback (negative, 
>positive, suggestions.... whatever) from anyone who wants to check it over.
>The site is still rough around the edges... plus, I have little in the 
>way of graphics skills, so it doesn't look as cool or tight as it could. 
>But functionally, it has all the right pieces. I have about 30 users 
>testing it now before it goes public... which won't be until a new 
>version of the plugin is released. I've had to work around the ongoing 
>revweb problems regarding cursors (no busy, draw or hand cursor), the 
>lack of a dependable Answer dialog box, the lack of direct Externals 
>support, and a few other things. Hopefully, these will all be fixed 
>soon. Also note it does not seem to run under Windows 7 and IE (not sure 
>about Firefox).
>The main purposes of this site are as follows:
>1. Allow users to easily import their sports videos into the system, 
>following which they can review their "motion" frame-by-frame. I've set 
>the site up generically, so it is as useful to baseball, tennis, etc. as 
>it is to golf (my original core focus area).  The software should handle 
>most common video formats. It uses ffmpeg to convert any 
>non-Quicktime-compatible formats to MOV.
>2. Let users compare their motion to professionals (i.e. "model videos" 
>in the Directory)
>3. Let them easily edit these videos (which are often 20 - 100 mb in 
>size coming off the camera) so the file size is 1 mb or so, from which 
>they can then quickly send those videos to anyone else for review (using 
>just an email address). The receiver views the video in my program. You 
>can test this function using the Sample Video (in the Directory) under 
>the Imported Videos section. Click on it, then Edit Video.
>4. Most importantly, allow pro's to do a voice-over analysis (including 
>lines, circles and polygons) of a swing using the Create Analysis button 
>in the Compare screen. This analysis can then be quickly sent to others 
>(typically students) for review through my site.
>5. Make the program easy to use, convenient (since it runs in a 
>browser... which is where all the action seems to be these days), and 
>inexpensive ($69).
>6. Make it Windows, Mac and (soon) Linux compatible.
>It's all here:  www.swingbrowser.com
>Richard Miller
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