Interesting blog post - comments anyone?

Sivakatirswami katir at
Tue Dec 1 00:19:20 EST 2009

Scott Rossi wrote
>  Rev has been around for years now --
> I think it's quite capable of standing on its own, without the crutch of a
> bygone development tool to prop it up.
But comments by those ignorant of the history imply that revTalk is a 
new kid on the block and will come and go like so many others.

Is there no value in making it clear that xTalk as a tool (regardless of 
the IDE wrapper, HC, Supercard MC etc.) is as old as the Personal 
Computing Revolution itself?

I tell people, simply:

"It's not open source, and it's not a well known as PHP, but it's xTalk 
and xTalk has been around since 1983, and if it is good enough for NASA, 
I think we don't need to worry about vesting content in the RunRev 
platform. The core of the language has been with us for 25 years. Its 
robust, powerful, fast and facile and in RunRev's hands, it is only 
getting better and better every year. It will be around for another 50, 
at least as long as your lifetime."

Why throw away the history?



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