FYI - NULLs in data to sort

Paul Looney support at
Mon Aug 31 18:11:38 EDT 2009

General information,
Over the past several months we have noticed that version 3.5 of Rev  
is much more sensitive to data that contains NULL characters.
Several programs that worked well previously, with the same data,  
broke when using Rev 3.5 - or a standalone made from it.
The problem comes when the data is sorted; the sorting drops records.  
Adding the following line, before the sort, fixes the problem for us:

replace NULL with "" in theData --"theData" is whatever variable  
contains the data to be manipulated.

We had minor problems with NULLs previously, but 3.5 will drop up to  
80% of our data.
One way NULLs can get into a database is if Unicode text is copied  
from another document.
Hope this saves you some time.
Paul Looney

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