Open stack from another stack--Was "PreOpenStack in the IDE"

Jim Bufalini jim at
Mon Aug 31 17:55:31 EDT 2009

James Hurley wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> Thanks. On further testing I see that you are right--generally
> speaking.
> My problem is when I attempt to open a stack from a Palette stack
> with the statement:
>     open stack "mystack"
> the stack opens but the PreOpenStack handler is not executed.
> On the on the other hand, If I open it from Open in the FIle menu, the
> PreOpenStack is executed.
> Is there something about opening a stack from another stack that does
> not trigger the PreOpenStack message?

Try using "go stack" to the stack file name on disk. This should always
trigger a preOpenStack.

Aloha from Hawaii,

Jim Bufalini

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