Backdrop hiding standalone window

Ian McKnight iangmcknight at
Sun Aug 30 10:30:31 EDT 2009


I have a stack with a menu option to hide/show the backdrop In the IDE
everything works as it should, however, in the standalone things
don't. Specifically when the backdrop is visible and I drag the
standalone's window it goes 'behind' the backdrop. The only way to
regain control of the app then is to force quit from the Task Manager
and run the app again.

I put the following handler in the card script of each card in the
stack, hoping that it would bring the stack back to the front again,
with no affect.

on mouseDownInBackdrop
    toplevel stack "backdropTest"
end mousedowninbackdrop

I searched the Quality Centre for related problems but came up empty.
Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a workaround?
At present I have had to disable the Show/Hide option in the menu bar
but I would like to be able to provide it.

I'm using revEnterprise 4.0 on Windows XP sp3

Thanks in advance.


Ian McKnight

iangmcknight at

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