[OT] Who still uses a Mac PPC?

Martin Baxter mb.userev at harbourhosting.co.uk
Thu Aug 27 04:04:12 EDT 2009

I have a beige G3 - now only used for printing to an ancient but still
usable inkjet that won't run with X, and for reminding myself what
computers were like when buying one meant that you actually owned it,
yourself, and the need to protect yourself against constant snoopers and
diallers-home was barely imagined.

Plus 2 G4s which are quite heavily used mainly for graphics but also for
general tasks. I mainly script on Windows XP.

I have too many old mac programs that I still want to run / see no
reason to buy all over again.

The G4s are identical models. If either one breaks I intend to keep it
as spares for the other, and keep one running as long as possible.

You might guess that I have long-since lost interest in "keeping up with
the Joneses" as we say here. And you'd be right. I do hope to add an
Intel mac of some sort this year, but if so it will probably be brought
into commission slowly, and is unlikely to replace the others as such,
it will be more to run software that is only available for that platform.

On 26 Aug 2009, at 11:51, Richmond Mathewson wrote:
> With the advent of Mac OS 10.6; an Intel processor only OS I am
> interested to see who is
> still depending on Mac PPC computers (G3,G4,G5) to get their work done.

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together
(African proverb)

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