Performance of RevMedia on matrix diagonalization

Piero Ugliengo piero.ugliengo at
Thu Aug 27 03:16:58 EDT 2009

I am completely new to Revolution. I have downloaded the RevMedia alpha
version and played a bit with it. I was impressed by how fast I was able to
port a little VB6 code to RevMedia. This code diagonalizes a symmetric
matrix using the Jacobi algorithm. I checked against the VB6 code and I got
exactly the same results in the same number of iterations so that numerics
is the same. However the RevMedia code is at least one order of magnitude
slower than the VB6 one. For instance a 50x50 matrix is diagonalized in a
couple of seconds in VB6 and it tooks more than a minute on RevMedia. I know
that RevMedia is not meant for numerical intensive calculations; however, I
would like to use it in a scientific teaching context so some power is
needed. I wonder if anybody much expert than me can try the code using the
most powerful Revolution Studio and if there is a clever way to deal with
matrix algebra.
The link to download the rev script is here:

can set the size of the matrix in the onmouse routine.
Thanks a lot
Piero Ugliengo

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