[OT] Who still uses a Mac PPC?

Judy Perry jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu
Wed Aug 26 13:06:46 EDT 2009

Sounds like my house.

I have:

*Dual G4 tower
*original iMac
*2nd gen (Sapphire?) iMac (this one actually works)
*G4 Cube
*G4 iMac (well, two actually, but I'm parts-harvesting to make one 
fully-functional FrankenBook).

The Cube's slot-loading drive has been replaced twice to no avail, so I'l 
be prowling for some sort of solution.  Sapphire iMac is used for email 
and playing the online game Escape Velocity by the kiddies, who will also 
get the FrankenBook when it's done.  I want the old original iMac for HC 
and a Mac OS 9-only graphics program and I'm not certain what to do with 
the old tower.  Oh, and I have a PM 7100 too ;-)  No idea whether that one 
even boots.


On Wed, 26 Aug 2009, stephen barncard wrote:

> I have two g4s, an early 500mhz from 1999, and a newer, 'Silver Door'
> model. Both were my previous Pro Tools machines. My son's 1999 Cube is
> downstairs, non-functioning now but I have the parts to restore it. My
> daughter's Purple DV edition iMac is also downstairs, awaiting repair.
> My garage is a Mac graveyard with a representative of almost every
> type of Mac ever made.   I fear if I send them away as  'electronic
> waste' that they will end up in a far off place poisoning people with
> toxics as they try and melt off the scrap gold of the motherboards and
> get personal information from people's hard drives that they didn't
> even bother to secure-erase.

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