[OT] Re: [ANN] tRev's new 'decoder' now showing...video is up!

Jerry Daniels jerry.daniels at me.com
Tue Aug 25 18:18:57 EDT 2009


I would love to change the name of our breakpoints to alexpoints or  
lenpoints or kevpoints, but alas, I cannot. Only the keyword  
"breakpoint" will cause the tracebreak message to be sent to tRev's  
frontscript in Rev where it stores the full context into a database.  
It's this data that the decoder then uses in tRev to help you fix code  
with less effort.

I agree TOTALLY with the request, but alas, Rev forbids it. I am glad  
you like the decoder. I just updated it. You will see the "update  
available" link appear in the lower left of tRev editor any moment now.


Jerry Daniels
Watch tRev - The Movie

On Aug 25, 2009, at 4:54 PM, Alex Tweedly wrote:

> They are not "breakpoints" !  the execution doesn't 'break' when it  
> gets to one.

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