Vote to disable password protection for revMedia 4 stacks

Sivakatirswami katir at
Mon Aug 24 15:15:02 EDT 2009

Randall Reetz wrote:
> You are right, I was confused about the thread.  I thought it was a larger discussion about general product marketing and revenue models.  sorry

David has brought the issue into very clear focus.  David, thanks for 
taking the time to elucidate this so well. Whether to go open source or 
not is another big discussion. I'm not competent to enter in there.

But on the locking of stacks made by a free product - revmedia:

David wrote:  "This debate is parallel to the debate between different 
types of open source license - GPL or more liberal licenses like MIT. In 
this debate there is a trade off between encouraging businesses to 
adopt, and encouraging code to flow back to the community."

 Much as I love the "flow back to the community" principle, it probably 
has to fall the other way.  Another piece in this big puzzle:

Here in house we are deeply focused right now on the e-book revolution, 
every day pumping PDF's up to scribed kindle etc. and watching trends... 
and this is also tying into the edu world where ink on paper text books, 
and even PDF's of materials originally designed for print, one might say 
are something that will be fading. With HP's possible big contract in 
California to sell their notebook emasse to schools and text book 
publishers scrambling to deal with the inevitable digital delivery of 
the former 12 pound engineering text. Revmedia has a possible huge 
market share about to open up. Educators at least will need security, 
not necessarily to only to hide their stack code, but for all kinds of 
other reasons (test answers, access to records, url's pointing to 
content on servers, proprietary imagery, music)

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