Rev conferences - images of the past and the future...

Jim Sims sims at
Mon Aug 24 14:59:53 EDT 2009

On Aug 24, 2009, at 8:44 PM, Ian Wood wrote:

> Looking back to Malta, with sadness at Eric's passing:
> And a sneak peek of the venue for next week, photographed a few  
> years ago on commission:
> Ian

Thanks for bringing up those memories Ian.

Finally meeting so many people I knew only from emails was a real  
blast. Cloe was a bit skeptical about how she'd be able to relate to a  
bunch of "programmer types" but after meeting all of you she said  
"they are such great people, so easy to talk to, so unassuming"
(don't destroy her delusions   ;-)

We are both thrilled we were able to throw together those two little  

Best of luck to Kevin and RunRev for all future RevCons.

Long Live RevCons!

sims & Cloe

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