Password protecting a revMedia 4 stack - "Yer - But - No"

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On 24/08/2009 16:36, "Richard Gaskin" <ambassador at> wrote:

>> Thanks Jan - good to know that RevMedia allows creation of stacks that are
>> readable by the IDE - and it's just the Revlet export fromat that's locked.
> Good to have the confirmation, but I'm still left with a questions:
> Why do Revlets use a different format?

They are more space efficient. They carry header information that allows
revStudio/Enterprise users to customize the loading screen. The format is
ready for us to move it forward to be streamed in the future. They are more
secure and much harder to reverse engineer. And they also carry the new
security tags which are necessary for the Web environment.

> And are there implications for desktop deployment down the road?

We're using the same format to build standalones now. The much improved
format allows us to produce a better executable. So for example, on Windows
you can now modify the size of desktop icons using a resource editor, or
digitally sign the executable.

> Or even now:  can a desktop app download and run a revlet as it would
> any other stack?

You'll be able to double click a revlet, the goal for launch is that if you
don't have revWeb installed it will pop up and ask you if you want to
download it. revWeb will be able to display windows on the desktop, too. Our
business model (revMedia is free and the revWeb experience needs to be
provided and controlled by us to create viral marketing) does not extend to
using revlets within your standalones. If you need to do that, use stacks.
There will be limitations on using stacks created within revMedia in
standalones too, specifically they will display branding.

> Does the "is a stack" operator return true for revlets?

It returns false if you pass it the file path of a revlet.

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