Password protecting a revMedia 4 stack - "Yer - But - No"

David Bovill david at
Mon Aug 24 05:24:45 EDT 2009

Hi Bill - what's the logic for this? On the face of it one of the great
advantages of growing the user base is to increase the ability of the
community to create publicly available libraries and not leaving this up to
the central company (however well resourced). I'm guessing there must be a
motivation for preventing the "free" users from creating content which can
be used by customers that have paid for a license seems perverse? What am I
missing here?

2009/8/23 William Marriott <wjm at>

> I'm missing something here.
> All revlets are in a "compiled" format that cannot be reverse-engineered
> back to a stack, whether or not a password is applied. This is similar to
> the .swf/.fla distinction.

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