Syllabic division of words

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I have made no judgement of anyone's worth to this list.  In fact I accept equal worth of all as  self evident.  I am only responding to accusations level at my self and my ideas.  Accusations and judgements that were mean spirited and meant to quiet suggestions not supportive of a particular point of view. My original post on this thread was simply a suggestion that better string chunking functions would open a scriptor's options in the area of semantic processing.  That is all.  I have not attacked or criticized any other contributors ideas... None have been offered.  All of the responses to my original post have been and continue to be adversarial and absent of on-topic substance.  I have gone to great leans to explain my suggestions and the reasons I think they add value and modernize an IDE.  But at each turn I am attacked.  I passively watch this and several other lists and interact only when some topic tweak my interest.  I am having trouble understanding the motivation that would fuel the attack that has been leveled at my suggestions.  I have no ties to rev.  I have no authority over any direction this product might take.  I proffered a few paragraphs of little words expressing a need I perceive in scripted development tools.  What power I must wield!  I give all of you permission to live your lives as though my words were just words. The yoke of duty has been lifted, I grant thee suffrage.  You are now free to walk about the cabin.

I am sure many shy and less seasoned folk, people who might be programming for the first time, sit in the wings and have learned a harsh lesson from this little witch hunt.  Keep quiet.  There are wolves waiting in the wings.  Not exactly the free and supportive environment that lends good will to a product's value.  Sad.   

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Randall Reetz wrote:
> And still you have not outlined your wishlist for future xtalk
 > improvements.  Which is weird because there is at least one less
 > person who will jump all over your ideas.

Sarah is one of our most level-headed, generous, and respected list 
members. She doesn't owe you anything. Most of us who would actually 
like to accomplish change put our wish lists into the QA Center where 
they belong.

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