setRegistry Dword -hex value?

runrev260805 at runrev260805 at
Wed Aug 19 18:21:22 EDT 2009


i need to create a key in the registry and enter a hex value.

I tried it now in several ways, but always without success.

I use the following commands, which do not work. The value of Port 0 after that is 32463731 (hex) or 843462449 (decimal).

put "17f2" into tHex

put "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DameWare Development\NT Utilities\DNTU\DWRCC Settings\Connect To Client\Port 0" into tKey 

get setregistry(tKey2,tHex,"dword")
put it

Tried also 0x000017f2. But then i got "invalid dword-value (32-bit))"  in the value field of Port 0.

Trying to put the decimal value 6130 into Port 0, shows a deciaml value of 808661302 in Port 0.

In all case it reports True.

What am i doing wrong?



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