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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Aug 19 12:39:53 EDT 2009

J. Landman Gay wrote:
> Jean-Paul Poccard wrote:
>> Tereza snyder wrote on august 06 :
>>> "I routinely store application resources in a folder, 'resources', 
>>> next to my apps that contain all kinds of stuff. I compute paths at 
>>> startup depending on the effective filename.  Do I have to change my 
>>> architecture ?"
>> My problem is te same, and as I a not among the happy few who use 
>> Enterprise, I cannot yet test but I wonder wether the url of the app 
>> on the net can be found from inside the revlet.
> There's a workaround for now. You can add your own parameters to the 
> javascript on your web page. These will be returned in "the revletParams 
> of this stack" as one of the array elements. So you could create a 
> parameter called "path" and put the URL to the revlet in there, then 
> read that back in your revlet stack.
> It does require customizing the html for every server though.

I shouldn't have said javascript; the parameter goes into the "embed" 
block, which isn't javascript. Sorry. There is also an unused parameter 
there already, called "requestedname", which could be used. I just 
tested it and it works.

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