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You people talk like appreciating the lack of the feature I was asking  
for is obligatory and wanting something different is prohibited. I  
want automatic line wrapping. Period.

I haven't got a reply to my answer yet. Could anyone think of a way to  
make lines wrap automatically in the script editor? I guess that just  
setting the dontWrap of field "Script" of stack "revNewScriptEditor"  
to false will break it.

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On 18 aug 2009, at 05:01, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> stephen barncard wrote:
>> It's better for one to do one's own wrapping.
>> for instance
>> put field "myField" of cd "myCard" of stack "myStack" into field  
>> "myField2"
>> of cd "nextCard" of stack "otherStack"
>> is a horrible jumble of garbage to the eyes, but
>> put\
>>                  field "myField" \
>>                  of cd "myCard" \
>>                  of stack "myStack" \
>>                  into field "myField2" \
>>                  of cd "nextCard" \
>>                  of stack "otherStack"
>> makes a lot of sense. Automatic wrapping can't do that. And it's  
>> easier to
>> edit the references. And the compiler and indenter both are happy  
>> with it.
>> And one can make the edit window narrower.
> A good point, well illustrated.
> Another benefit of adding line wraps manually is that it requires  
> you to read the code at least well enough to find usful line breaks,  
> sometimes a useful task when inheriting a code base.
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