Firefox works for revlet but not IE?

Sadhu Nadesan sadhu at
Mon Aug 17 20:43:51 EDT 2009

> No solution, but for diagnostic purposes:
> Are you an admin user on both systems?
> If not, can you switch to admin to install the plugin?
> What happens if you access your home server's revlet from your work computer?
> And off-topic, an IT department not supporting Firefox is analogous to
> an IT department not supporting Macs - they don't want to encourage
> anything that would lead to vastly less support being necessary.
> Cheers,
> Sarah

Hi again, Sarah

1) Am admin user on home PC, but not on work PC.  Yes, I can try that.  
If I can find where I put that admin password (they had to give it to me 
once to solve some problem, hee hee).  Will advise.

2) Trying to access the home server's revlet from the work computer also 
hung.  Apparently I didn't get all of the "it's another window" issues 
because when I killed off the browser I saw an "ask" dialog that had 
been behind it inquiring whether or not I wanted to connect by IP number 
because the connection failed.  However, it was not a fair test because 
I have PostgreSQL locked down for specific outside IP addresses only in 
the pg_hba.conf file, and my work IP isn't listed.  I should try a 
simpler app I guess.

3) Har har!  Yeah, company growth is an interesting thing.   IT here has 
become more MS oriented I'm afraid.  What they don't seem to acknowledge 
is, we built this city on Unix and open source.  Oh well.  And, it is 
amazing how many help desk tickets we see from Outlook users, virtually 
none  from  Thunderbird users, as an example,  but they claim it is 
because we do not yet use Exchange as our MTA.  I fear they want to 
force us into one mold, judging from a recent email below from the CIO:  
(a response to a Thunderbird user who sent in a help desk ticket because 
they got an unopenable "winmail.dat" attachment  from an outlook user- 
of course I referred them to tnef, which can decode winmail.dat files).  
He said,  (IE 6??  it's up to 8).

I realize that not everyone is using Outlook and IE6, but that is the
standard mail client and internet browser, respectively. We've allowed
others to be used, but I am not willing to invest resources to address what
appears to be a non-standard application issue. It's unclear as to why
Squirrel Mail is not functioning, but we do need to start migrating towards
the standard applications. 

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