PayPal Integration with On-Rev

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Aug 17 09:55:36 EDT 2009

Nicolas Cueto wrote:
> You are right about the "Mom Test", and that PayPal is not as
> straightforward as they'd like us to think. So I had a look at your
> webstore to see how you handle payments, and was curious about how you
> enable Visa card payments.

Agreed: for non-PayPal transactions, PayPal can be a bit daunting.  And 
since most hosting companies include a free shopping cart (ZenCart and 
Miva Merchant are both useful and very extensible) it's not too hard to 
set up a good payment system these days.

But for folks who use PayPal, it's really hard to beat the convenience 
and very worthwhile offering it as an option.

My customers beat me up for many months asking for a PayPal option, and 
the whole time I was thinking, "Why does this matter when we already 
accept most major credit cards easily enough?"

Then I added a PayPal option, and I learned:

Because PayPal accounts are separate from one's banking and credit card 
accounts, it doesn't feel like spending real money.  It feels like play 
money.  And the PayPal UI for account holders is dirt-simple and ultra 

In short, PayPal makes it very easy and encouraging for other PayPal 
customers to give you money.  And there are a lot of them.

Once I added a PayPal option my sales when up about 8%.

And as a customer, I find myself more inclined to make impulse purchases 
when I find a PayPal payment option.  With anything else, I need to 
evaluate whether it's worth the time to get out of my chair to dig up a 
credit card and do all that typing.

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