Is there a way to edit scripts in Rev 3.5 besides

Jim Ault jimaultwins at
Mon Aug 17 09:04:28 EDT 2009

The combined window that has the script editor window sharing the  
space with the code and the variables?
This is very inconvenient.
I cannot switch to older versions of Rev since I am using  
multidimensional arrays.

Drilling down into arrays is painful.
The worst part is to have massive screen real estate and not be able  
to use it, like the old days.
Fly-over reveal is ok, but very hard on the wrist and index finger  
after a few hours.

Is there a way to get the variable watcher to be in a separate window?
I could not find a checkbox or preference.

Is there a way to display the values in a list like the older style?

I know about tRex (I need debugging, which is a feature coming soon)

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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