Challenge: How can we set the rect of a polygon to its visual rect?

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Mon Aug 17 05:39:45 EDT 2009

On Mon Aug, 2009, dfepstein at dfepstein at wrote:

> It appears that Rev defines the rect of a regular polygon to be the 
> rectangle that encloses all possible rotations of that polygon.
> This seems like a useful enough feature that I wouldn't call it a bug.
> David Epstein

Correct observation. And what is more, this "maximal rotation rect" 
remains the same even when you change the polysides property of a 
regular polygon, switching from a hexagon to a triangle or to any other 
polygon shape.

For what purposes may such a feature be "useful"? I think it was not 
intended as a useful feature, it just "happened" during the development 
of the algorithms for regular polygons.

And again, I believe, it would not cause too much trouble for the 
developers of Revolution to define the rect of a regular polygon as a 
"minimal visual rect" that will be adapted to its minimal size each time 
the angle of a given regular polygon is being changed.

Another additional or parallel solution would be, which I mentioned in 
my last post, to make the values of the vertexes of a regular polygon 
available and retrievable, and then let the user choose to set the style 
of the polygon to "polygon" based on the given points/vertexes.


Wilhelm Sanke

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