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Sun Aug 16 02:12:27 EDT 2009

Steve Jones wrote:

> I'm a little confused by RR's handling of backgrounds. It seems that  
> grouping items makes them go to the background and appear on all cards  
> in a stack. But then you can't edit the scripts of the items in that  
> group - just the script of that group. Is there any way to have items  
> in the background and still get to their scripts?

I'm not sure I understand this, since I have no trouble editing things 
in groups just like I edit anything else.

But this could be because I leave the selectGroupedControls property on 
most of the time while I'm working.  There's a button to toggle this in 
the Rev toolbar.

I it's something other than that please let me know, it would be 
interesting to learn more about how newcomers perceive groups. 
Somewhere in there could be some valuable enhancements for the IDE...

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