Challenge: How can we set the rect of a polygon to its visual rect? (and a tentative solution)

capellan capellan2000 at
Sat Aug 15 19:56:10 EDT 2009

Hi Wilhelm,

Wilhelm Sanke, FB01 wrote:
> Could it be that "the option to crop" is contained in a different 
> version of your stack?

This the part of the script that crop the image to
the size of the user created cropping rectangle:

 if cropImage = "true"
      repeat until foundGraphic = 1 -- or qfl = the number of lines of
        put line qfl of tSelection into tGraphic
        if qfl = the number of lines of tSelection then put 1 into
        if word 1 of tGraphic is "graphic" and the forecolor of tGraphic =
          put 1 into foundGraphic
          set the name of tGraphic to "tCropGraphicRectangle"
          set the layer of graphic "tCropGraphicRectangle" to the layer of
tMaskedImage + 1
          put the rect of graphic "tCropGraphicRectangle" into zxy
          do "crop" && tMaskedImage && "to" && zxy
          add 1 to qfl
        end if
      end repeat
    end if

Wilhelm Sanke, FB01 wrote:
> The question is, how do you compute the points of a polygon (that will 
> extend to the full size of the rect of a regular polygon without 
> differences between rect and visual rect) if you do not have a normal 
> polygon as a template?

Some time ago, i posted a stack named "export_regular_polygons"
than shows a formula to convert regular polygons (3 to 20 sides)
in polygons:

on mouseUp
  if the hilite of btn "Leave Trails" is false
    repeat with i = the number of grcs of this stack down to 3
      if the name of graphic i contains "Test"
      then next repeat
      else delete grc i
    end repeat
  end if
  --  if fld "sides" is a number then set the polysides of me to fld "sides"
  set the polysides of me to the short name of btn id 2114
  put the polysides of me into asdfg
  put 360/asdfg into regularPolygonAngle
  if fld "grcangle" is a number and fld "grcangle" < 361 then set the angle
of me to round(fld "grcangle")
  put the angle of me into qwerty
  put item 1 of the loc of me into mX
  put item 2 of the loc of me into mY
  put the rect of me into lkjhg
  put abs(item 1 of lkjhg - item 3 of lkjhg) into plm1
  put abs(item 2 of lkjhg - item 4 of lkjhg) into plm2
  if plm1 <> plm2
    if plm1 > plm2
      put (plm1 / 2)  into polarRadius
    else put (plm2 / 2 ) into polarRadius
    put (plm1 / 2) into polarRadius
  end if
  if fld "exact" is a number then put polarRadius - fld "exact" into
  -- this is very interesting, because this operation make the figure more
  repeat with i = 1 to asdfg -- the sides of the reg poly
    put (regularPolygonAngle * i) + qwerty into ang
    put (ang * pi )/ 180 into radians
    -- find rectangular coordinates of  ( polarRadius,radians)
    if the hilite of btn "Use statRound" is true
      put statround(mX + (polarRadius * cos (radians))) & "," after rfv
      put statround(mY + (polarRadius * sin (radians))) & return after rfv
    else -- the hilite of btn "Use round"
      put round(mX + (polarRadius * cos (radians))) & "," after rfv
      put round(mY + (polarRadius * sin (radians))) & return after rfv
    end if
  end repeat
  put item 1 of the first line of rfv,item 2 of the first line of rfv after
-- put line 1 of rfv after rfv -- using this line produces an strange bug on
-- polygons of 8 sides. It puts letters instead of numbers in the last line

  set the style of the templategraphic to polygon
  create grc
  set the points of it to rfv
--  set the rect of it to the rect of me -- lkjhg
  if the hilite of btn "Put Points into Msg" is true then put rfv
  choose browse tool
end mouseUp

Wilhelm Sanke, FB01 wrote:
> I conclude: I think it should be a relatively easy task for the 
> programmers of Revolution (or Transcript, RevTalk etc.) to abolish the 
> inconsistency of regular polygons of  having different sizes for visual 
> rects and their proper rects as a graphic.

i agree. if you fill an enhancement request in the Runrev Quality
Control Center, i will vote for it.

Have a nice weekend.


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