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My programmer friend picked up the essentials of the language right away. 
He had no vocabulary, but had no trouble at all importing his experience, 
skills and thinking. I was there to drive the IDE and supply the words, and 
also to point out the power of home grown concepts like chunks. He loved the 
accessability; the effort of learning the language he assumed was just a part, 
and a small part at that, of the cost of doing business.

So impressing experienced programmers to this sort of world seems to be 
easy. The challenge is to excite the masses, something that was given an 
enormous, just flat out enormous head start when Bill Atkinson insisted that HC be 
bundled for free. That went on until HC v2.0, (Claris) or so, about four 
years. That was a lot of hubbub; I heard Danny Goodmand sold many hundreds of 
thousands of his handbook.

Craig Newman

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> Because the true cost of using a new language isn't the IDE price.  Far
> more expensive is the time it takes to learn the new language.  If a
> scripter can grok Rev in far less time than it would take her to pick up
> any other second language, Rev's chances of being that second language
> increase.

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