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Thu Aug 13 16:18:33 EDT 2009

Mark Wieder wrote:
> viktoras-
> Thursday, August 13, 2009, 11:23:04 AM, you wrote:
>> Indeed these are mostly press releases, although some "3rd-party"
>> discussions like this one: 
> Thanks for that link. Good read.
> I especially liked Troy Rollins' comment about programming in Trans...
> er... whatever...
Very "Rocky Horror Picture Show" methinks!

Looking forward to seeing you in your Spandex in Edinburgh  :)
> "You don't have to do any mental translation. Several times I've
> written a comment about what the next line of script was going to do,
> and then realized that *was* the line of script I needed to write.
> Just uncomment it, and run it."
Not many people are going to believe this, but, here goes:

I am currently working on a way to type classical Sanskrit documents
cross-platform; this involves 4 things (which, luckily I possess):

1. A working knowledge of Devanagari (the dominant syllabic-alphabetic
writing system used for Sanskrit).

2. A moderate knowledge of Runtime Revolution.

3. Knowledge of unicode fonts and how they are made.

4. Bordering certifiable lunacy.

Yesterday I programmed for 9 hours flat (see point #4); which didn't
just involve the donkey-work of repetitive code, but thinking my way
through a tricky logical labyrinth.

That was after teaching EFL kids all day!

I went to bed and DREAMT in Revolution all night!!!

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