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Kevin Stallibrass kevin at
Thu Aug 13 07:27:19 EDT 2009

Hi Kenji,

I'm using


put "
<>  myImage.jpg" & into tName

   set the fileName of image "nameOfImage" to tName


and it works for me.


I've had success with 

Set the filename of image "nameOfImage" to myImage.jpg

But when the revlet is loaded on your server, the revlet look for this image
in the same folder as the revlet.

Not ideal so I prefer to set an absolute path as in example 1



Kevin Stallibrass

Technical Specialist


Robert Horne



Kenji Kojima wrote:


I cannot set image filename of revLet.


I tried them.

set the filename of image 1 to "myImage.jpg"

set the filename of image 1 to "
<>  myImage.jpg"

And used Network of Standalone Application setting.

But I could not show the image. It was just a gray image object.


Does anybody know how I can show an image.




Kenji Kojima

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