Mac to Windows Standalone Question

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Wed Aug 12 16:19:46 EDT 2009

On Aug 12, 2009, at 11:35 AM, Joe F. wrote:

> True, your comment at the bottom. But no mention of the "not equal"
> sign "≠" which was widely used in Hypercard and works in Rev. I'm
> surprised that compiling a standalone for Windows doesn't catch that.
> The option width thing I haven't run into yet, but I'll be watching
> for it.
> So, as it all relates to my original question: Is there no repository
> or list of these Windows standalone problems? It makes "cross platform
> standalones" look like an unfinished feature.


You may be right that there is no central repository for this kind of  
info. Some of us try to fill the void by making our own lists. Here's  
a couple of links I know of. Maybe others can chime in:

 From my Rev class notes:

 From a talk Jacque gave a few years back at the Rev developers  

Hope this helps.


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