[ANN] Teacher Friday for tRev this week

Jerry Daniels jerry.daniels at me.com
Wed Aug 12 11:01:49 EDT 2009

Script editor aficionados,

This week we have already added several very nice features and  
enhancements to tRev, the new script editor for Revolution that  
operates as a separate application. We have continued our good track  
record of keeping Revolution stable, fast and happy.

The tRev app itself, once running and set up properly, similarly does  
well in terms of stability and speed. Some of the troubles we have had  
with certain user set-ups for Revolution (and healthy tRev  
installations) have been dealt with expeditiously. For those who had  
installation problems, we added a feature in build 105 where  
depressing the option key (or alt key) forces a fresh install of all  
components. This seemed to fix our few remaining installation problems.

The last two Fridays we have hosted Feature Friday on our site and via  
a webinar. These were well attended and received a lot of enthusiastic  
response. So we decided to host another event this week:

Teacher Friday

I will be walking through many of the less-obvious features of tRev  
and explaining how several aspects of the app work, especially the  
architecture of tRev, how it installs and how it interacts with  

I will post a link later today announcing Teacher Friday with a link  
to the webinar. Those unable to attend will be able to watch a video  
re-play of the event.

I am posting this announcement today so people can clear away their  
schedules and get their questions ready. This session would be the  
place to ask them. Last week's event had many questions that seemed to  
veer from tRev and editors, but those turned out to be some of the  
most popular.

I hope to see you on Friday.

NOTE: all tRev users should now be using build 105 of the tRev  
application. You can check the build number in tRev's about box. If  
you do not have build 105, you will need to go to http://reveditor.com  
and click one of the download links on the right of the page to get  
it. Updating the components of tRev via the Check for Updates menu  
item is not the same as downloading a new version of the tRev  


Jerry Daniels
Watch tRev - Feature Friday (last week's)

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