cookbook for putting Rev app on the web?

Sadhu Nadesan sadhu at
Tue Aug 11 14:21:11 EDT 2009

Ah, well, perhaps I spoke slightly too soon, a tad more research to do.  
I should add, it worked flawlessly in test mode, when the html page and 
the revlet was on my PC.  When I put this stuff on an actual web server, 
it hangs at "Loading revWeb Content".  I put both files in the same 
directory on the Linux server, same as they were on the PC, and I 
checked that there is world read and/or execute permissions, and I tried 
changing the extension to cgi in case there is some Apache restriction 
against running executable files with a "revlet" extension  ... so I 
guess I better dig for more doco to see what I have missed.

Anyway, Sarah, I so appreciate your response.  And everything about 
Rev.  Thanks again.

Sadhu Nadesan wrote:
> Whoo-hoo!
> 1) Sarah, you are the best.  Sorry for the slow reply, I just got a 
> chance to try it.  So easy!  Perfect instructions.  Big smiles.
> 2) IT WORKED!  Effortlessly.  Just as expected.  Wow, wow, wow.  Rev 
> has arrived.  This is what many have been asking for years.  
> Congratulations to the Runrev team.  Absolutely awesome.
> disclaimer, I tried only a simple app so I haven't run into the 
> boundary limitations yet of what it will do, but gosh, I am so 
> impressed.  I feel like a bird let out of the cage.  grin.
> -- Sadhu

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