[datagrid] bug? TAB navigation follows INDEX order instead of LINE order

Trevor DeVore lists at mangomultimedia.com
Mon Aug 10 08:44:47 EDT 2009

On Aug 9, 2009, at 9:15 AM, Robert M. wrote:

> In detail : I selectHilite the line before (Line), but add a line  
> from the
> next one since it is inserted before (Line+1), the new line gets in  
> position
> Line+1 with an index (total lines+1), the former line+1 becomes line 
> +2.
> - When I tab from line LINE the tab jumps to line+2.
> - I f I keep on tabbing, it goes past the latest line.. and back to  
> the new
> line+1
> So temporalrily, the normal tabulation follows line numbering is out  
> and the
> tabulation follows index..
> ...
> but I suspect it not the most efficient way to walk around.. this  
> bug could
> have other consequences.
> -- Trevor do you have a clue on what's going on there?

Hi Robert,

The default behavior for tabbing in a data grid table only tabs  
between columns in the current line. It doesn't switch to the next  
line. I'm not able to reproduce the problem you are describing so I  
wonder if you have you added some custom coding that does this?


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