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Please remember that a 'variable' in Rev is not the same as a  
'variable' in a POST command sent to a PHP script.

The PHP script parses the *single string* that is passed into the  
pairs of names and values...
the name of the variable PHP will use, the string value of the variable

Send this from Rev "flower=rose&plant=tree&shrub=Arbor%20Vitae"
( the %20 represents a valid space character to PHP)
put "flower=rose&plant=tree&shrub=Arbor%20Vitae" into stringToSend
post stringToSend to ""

PHP *parses* this incoming string to (case sensitive)
$flower  with a value of "rose"
$plant  with a value of "tree"
$shrub  with a value of "Arbor Vitae"

but not   $Shrub  or  $sHrub  or  $shruB

Trying to refer to $Shrub if it is not defined will produce and error  
and stop the PHP script execution.
PHP will render the error message as part of your visible web page.

To pass an array, you need to (in Rev) convert the array to a single  
string with delimiters, pass this to PHP, and then run script lines in  
PHP to convert the string into an array (usually using a series of the  
'explode' function)

If a stack has a card for each {guitar, drum}
and a field listing {Flaminco, 400 and Stratocaster,3000}{snare,150   
base,350  tympani,2900}
An example string sent to PHP
build the string and then choose a name for the PHP script to use as  
the variable

*note, you must pass the legal variable name for PHP, and it needs to  
match the name that the PHP script will use to work with the variable.


//PHP allows multi dimensional arrays, so we need to build it from the  
$instruments = explode('|', $musicArr);
then you explode each instrument and add it to the $instruments array
then you explode each listed kind (Flaminco) and add it to the  
$instruments array
   and set the value at the same time  =>  with the price (eg $2900  
for the tympani)

The result is one PHP variable that is a multidimensional array such  
$price = $instruments['guitar']['Stratocaster']   // 3000
$price = $instruments['drum']['tympani']   // 2900

Fun and games and a little bit of stress.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On Aug 9, 2009, at 2:12 PM, Mark Schonewille wrote:

> Yves,
> First of all, you need to define a variable. Without variables, php  
> isn't even aware that you tried to send something. Second, you need  
> to urlEncode your data. For example:
> put "myVar=" & urlEncode(fld "myFld") into myString
> post myString to url " 
> test.php"
> If you have multiples variables, myString should be of the following  
> format:
> "myVar1=" & myData1 & "&myVar2=" & myData2
> where myDataX is urlEncoded.
> --
> Best regards,
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>> re,
>> text fld
>> text tab text tab text
>> text tab text tab text
>> text tab text tab text
>> ....
>> about 10 lines
>> Greetings.
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