[datagrid] bug? TAB navigation follows INDEX order instead of LINE order

Robert M. rman at free.fr
Sun Aug 9 09:15:20 EDT 2009

Hi , I finally solved the problem so far, but in a trick-diry way, and I
wondered if I was the only one to have experienced this problem.

problem is : on adding a line to the datagrid. The inserted line is IGNORED
by tabulation. And it cannot be hilited (visaully the hiliting just bounces
on it until next line! 

In detail : I selectHilite the line before (Line), but add a line from the
next one since it is inserted before (Line+1), the new line gets in position
Line+1 with an index (total lines+1), the former line+1 becomes line+2.
- When I tab from line LINE the tab jumps to line+2.
- I f I keep on tabbing, it goes past the latest line.. and back to the new
So temporalrily, the normal tabulation follows line numbering is out and the
tabulation follows index.. 

Solution is : I noticed, that, this behavior would stop and the normal line
to line tabulations work again as soon as the list is reconstructed on the
So adding a line, then adding a character at the end of line LINE, then
deleting it, and then tab does the trick so far.. tab goes to the new line+1
and tab navigation is restored.

but I suspect it not the most efficient way to walk around.. this bug could
have other consequences.
-- Trevor do you have a clue on what's going on there?
-- have other people moniteroed this? (have looked into forums but saw
nothing of the sort.. )

thanks all

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