downloading revlets to local computer

Ian Wood revlist at
Thu Aug 6 12:17:22 EDT 2009

Surely the same applies to all other plug-ins (for instance Flash or  
QuickTime) which use referenced files?

The files will need to be referenced absolute URLs anyway, as far as I  
can tell, which means they should work whether the revlet is running  
off the server or out of a webdump.


On 6 Aug 2009, at 16:30, Kurt Kaufman wrote:

> In Firefox, as I imagine to be the case with other browsers, a web  
> page can be saved with all of its supporting files: images, audio,  
> video, revlets, etc.
> If a revlet is downloaded in such a manner, and it requires access  
> to data not included on the web page (but referenced by the revlet),  
> this would leave the downloaded copy of the revlet without  
> [critical] resources.  Is this an issue to be considered?  If so,  
> would a advisory to the user warn of missing resources? Would the  
> check occur as the revlet was first loading?
> Thanks, KK
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