Digging Huge Files

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Wed Aug 5 23:24:59 EDT 2009

Jim Ault wrote:
> Tip:
> There are globals, script locals, and handler locals.
> Globals belong to Revolution, not the stack or script that created 
> them in memory.
> These values persist even if the stack is removed from memory.
> Script locals are kept in memory as long as the stack is open.
> In a way. like globals, but these are only available to handlers and 
> functions in the *same* script.
> Declaring a script local variable "shoebox" in different script 
> containers creates separate shoeboxes.  Each shoebox will die when the 
> script is removed from memory.

Oh! aha!.. that's it... I don't think I ever used a script local, ever, 
until building this stack.
I normally always use handler locals. But I thought I might improve on 
"best practices" and declare them first.
But I did not know that the persistence nature of the local would change.

Learn something new every day...

Thanks for clearing that up.

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