Installer & Standalone Settings

Marty Knapp martyknapp at
Wed Aug 5 11:46:39 EDT 2009

I'm getting ready to distribute a Mac only standalone that has some 
stacks that I'll need to put into a folder within the Application 
support folder. Would it be a good choice to make my own installer 
program with Rev and suck up the App and all needed stacks into custom 
properties, then upon installation place things where I need?

I'll be using the splash screen style standalone along with with these 
various stacks, and there will be stacks that the user will create with 
the program - do I keep the .rev extension on these stacks or use 
something else? Are there rules or suggestions related to this? I assume 
that the "Document Type," "Document Extension" and "Signature" fields in 
the Standalone settings (OSX pane) are for this purpose, though I don't 
see anything about these in the docs, nor could I find anything on this 

My current testing shows that stacks saved from my Rev built standalone 
and using the ".rev" extension show as "Metacard Stacks" when I get info 
on them, and the "Open with" menu shows a program that I downloaded some 
time back that was apparently created as a Metacard standalone . . . I 
do have other Rev created standalones on my drive but the Finder doesn't 
think they're the owner of my test stacks. Kinda strange . . .

At any rate, thanks for any input and suggestions.

Marty Knapp

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