Helper apps, itms protocol, and us Rev folk

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Aug 4 16:47:57 EDT 2009


Thanks to some links Trevor provided, this turns out to be fairly 
simple.  So simple, in fact, that it seems almost risky, but hey, what 
on the Internet isn't? :)

I just added this to one of my standalones' info.plist file:


Then I used a URL to one of my Rev stacks, changing the protocol to 
"fwrs" (an arbitrary string for "Fourth World Rev Stack"):


In Safari it launches the app instantly.  In FF it presents a dialog 
asking the user to confirm my app as the handler for that protocol or 
choose another.  Not bad.

Looks like all I need to do to complete the implementation on OS X is to 
add a GURLGURL Apple event handler to actually download and open the stack.

Haven't tried the Win registry thang, but should be simple enough. 
Looks like the only script one needs is a one-liner to set the registry 
as per the example on the page Trevor provided the link for - here's 
Trevor's links:

Registering an Application to a URL Protocol


Thanks, Trevor.

Who would have thought something this potentially dangerous could be so 
simple?  Now all we need to launch a standalone is a link on a web page, 
a copy of the app installed, and a registry entry.  Cool (until it gets 
abused and they shut this option down).

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