When they ask, what is this written in?

viktoras didziulis viktoras at ekoinf.net
Sun Nov 30 18:46:08 EST 2008

One could also look at Revolution as a C++ development framework. 
Depends on where you are looking from.. I guess you know a story about 
an elephant and six blind men :-)

Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Making the new Apache module engine available for free will help 
> tremendously in evangelizing the language, arguably more so than the 
> browser plugin.  It's hard to beat the grace of chunk expressions for 
> working with text, and whether HTML or JavaScript or CSS, most of the 
> web is just text.
modRevolution, modRev or am I missing something? It would be a hit. Is 
it already available anywhere, or is it only in future plans of the Rev. 

> Short of going open source, what might one do to better communicate 
> the value of investing thousands of programmer hours in Rev?
> Certainly the free Apache module will help, and a truly comprehensive 
> list of both commercial products and add-on components would also be 
> quite a boost.
> What else could be done to make Rev as compelling for serious 
> developers as open source languages?
 Diversity of available choices, including free or open source product 
line, benefits many makers of development tools. An engine and Apache 
module might be distributed for free while IDE and deployment tools 
could remain proprietary. This approach is exploited by well known 
companies like Adobe, Borland or smaller ones like AdaCore, ActiveState, 
and many others...

 As time passes by and once consumer is aware (in our times he really 
is...) about all the top-popular development tools being at least free, 
open source or under "artistic licences" at the 
engine/compiler/interpreter level, "proprietaryness" of  Rev. may become 
a real obstacle. Most developers and content providers are already used 
to free availability of many engines. These tools are becoming an air of 
the Internet, they ensure constant creation of new content, and most 
people can not accept an idea of  any air fee or air tax or air 
property, but are willing to pay for "blowers", "steroids", or anything 
that allows them to move more of their air from point A to point B in a 
more efficient way. In principle they want a free possibility to create 
and deploy using their 'favorite text editors' and command line tools, 
and would likely pay for an IDE that would efficiently free them from 
their 'favorite text editors' :-).

my 1 cnt

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