Finding and replacing "numbers" in calendar day field

Mark MacKenzie mjmackenzie22 at
Sat Nov 29 16:35:40 EST 2008

Hi Joe and Sarah.

I had been working with the find and then replace functions but kept getting an insurmountable pattern error message.
Sarah, your suggestion worked like a charm.

the code snippet is as follows:

on WriteEvent
put the number of lines of field "Month Events List" into tFieldLines
set the itemdelimiter to "/"
repeat with x = 1 to tFieldLines
put item 2 of line x of field "Month Events List" into tDayNeeded
put tDayNeeded && " Event" into tToPaste
find empty
find tDayNeeded in field "Dates" of group "Main_Group"
put tToPaste into foundChunk
-- replace tDayNeeded with tToPaste in field "Dates" of group "Main_Group"
end repeat
end WriteEvent

This works like a charm.

But has also left me with another question.

Thank you

Mark MacKenzie
Art Conservator & Wet Plate Photographer
Alcalde, New Mexico

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