Finding and replacing "numbers" in calendar day field

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Fri Nov 28 19:57:20 EST 2008

> I have been playing with the tutorial calendar and am having trouble adding a to me useful feature.
> I have a list field where day events are put along with the short date.  I can grab the day number from this short date, line by line.
> Where I am having trouble is after finding the needed day date in the calendar day field (same as in tutorial) I am stuck with how to replace the date number with a phrase consisting of the same day date number and the word "Event".  The end effect is that after a note is added, the calendar date will show instead of "28" the phrase "28    Event" as a visual reminder that a note or event has been added to the overall calendar.

Like Joe, I am not familiar with this tutorial, but how about
something like this:

replace "28" with "28   Event" in field "whatever"

I don't know the correct field name but  this will show you want I mean.

Alternatively, you can have:

put "   Event" after field "whatever"


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