AW: mysterious Byte increasment with compress - decompress

Brian Yennie briany at
Thu Nov 27 04:27:41 EST 2008


For this task I would always use binfile. No matter what the contents,  
binfile will leave the file unchanged. There is no harm in using  
binfile on a text file.

> Uups, good point! :)
> If I want to build a generic compress and decompress handler, what  
> is the
> best way to check, if I get a file or binfile as the input? Would be
> checking the file extension a good idea? Txt, xml, html: file and  
> Rev, exe:
> binfile?
> But where to start this list and where to end?
> Thank you
> Tiemo
>> Bonjour Tiemo,
>> A file stack is a binary file:
>> put compress(url ("binfile:" & it)) into url ("binfile:" & it &  
>> ".gz")
>> Best regards from Paris,
>> Eric Chatonet.
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