Is culprit traversalOn?

David Mendriski djdrisk at
Sun Nov 23 10:26:19 EST 2008

Please help!  When I add a button to my Italian program with the  
following handler, I get a message that there was an error while  
saving standalone.  When I delete this button, the standalone saves  
perfectly. The target OS are Mac and windows.  I retyped the handler  
here because cut and paste apparently puts more into the email than  
meets the eye. The button works perfectly in the Studio development  
version. I hope this is not more than 15 kb or I'll never get this  
message across.


on mouseup
      global italverb
      set the traversalOn of field "italiano" to false -- remove  
input ability
      hide me
      put "la risposta è..." into field "Commentary"
      wait .4 sec
      put "" into hint -- empty variable
      repeat with x = 1 to number of chars of italverb
        put char x of italverb after hint
        put hint into field "italiano"
        wait .2 sec
      end repeat
      wait .4 sec
      put "Premi il tasto 'Return'" into field "Commentary"
      set the traversalOn of field "Italiano" to true
end mouseup

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