More - Post Command Problem looks like a RunRev problem?

Dave dave at
Mon Nov 17 06:29:03 EST 2008

Hi All,

Please see below for the history of this problem. Since then I have  
some more information:

I installed WireShark and recreated the problem. When I look at the  
captured information, it looks as if the response is being sent and  
received by server/client ok. It shows a number of TCP packets (TCP  
Segment of a reassembled PDU) and then one block that shows as HTTP/ 
XML. When I select this block it shows the packet reassembled as  
23782 bytes. However when the error occurs, the response return by  
the RunRev post command only shows the first 2736 bytes, e.g. the  
rest of the reassembled block is truncated. I have the dumps as text  
files but they are too big to post here.

When I looked up the post command in RunRev it says it is part of the  
internet library, however I can't find any source code for this. Is  
it available? I'd like to add some trace information so I can see if  
this library is being passed the whole block and if so why is it  
going wrong on this block.

Is there another way to do this in RunRev? e.g. A alternative to the  
"post" command?

Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix or even get a handle of this  
problem would be greatly appreciated.

All the Best


I read records from a database, format them, and add them to a block  
of data. There is a blocking factor variable, it is set to 200, so I  
read 200 records from the database, block them into one big block and  
send it to the server via a "post" command. The Server then sends a  
response which can be variable in length, the response is in XML  
format. This process works well 99% of the time, but sometimes, (and  
this can be reproduced if the right data (or the wrong data in this  
case!) is present in the database). When this happens the response  
from the server is truncated in the middle of an XML node. As far as  
I can tell the difference is that by chance, a group of 200 records  
has caused the response to be over a certain size.

If I set the BlockingFactor to 50, the problem goes away, but this  
causes a major slowdown.


It is sending one block at a time, each block contains N records.  
There are around 10,500 records in the database.

Each record has an XML node in the reply, depending on the content of  
the record sent, it will return different data of variable size. It  
appears if the block returned is greater than a certain size, it is  

Basically the process is:

repeat for all Records in Database
Read Record From Database
Encode as XML
Add to end of SendDataBlock

if the number of records in SendDataBloack > SendBlockingFactor then
   post SendDataBlock
   get response
   process response
   put empty into SendDataBlock
end if

end repeat

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