Judy Perry katheryn.swynford at
Fri Nov 14 22:53:00 EST 2008


Sorry for the hair loss (swearing, though, I've personally found, can
be quite cathartic), but are you saying that setting the cursor to
help doesn't work or setting the cursor to anything other than the
default doesn't work?

>From the docs:

Use the lock cursor command to make the cursor retain a specified
appearance until you change it.

The lock cursor command sets the lockCursor property to true.

Set the cursor property to change the cursor.

What was your solution, anyway?  Just curious...



On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 4:42 PM, Mark Smith <lists at> wrote:
> Thanks Judy, but that bit of swearing and hairloss came earlier :)
> I've found a better solution anyway, but it does seem like setting the
> cursor to help doesn't work...

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