Standalone error

David Mendriski djdrisk at
Wed Nov 12 17:42:24 EST 2008

I recently foolishly changed the selection for the "Application Icon"  
and the "Document Icon" in the Standalone setup menu.  Since doing  
so, I receive a "There was an error while saving the standalone  
application" message.  I cannot remember what the settings were  
before making this change.  I have tried selecting "no icon" as  
well.  My program saved a standalone version perfectly before I  
tampered with that setting.  Can anyone help me figure out how to set  
the original default to RunRev's big R icon, if that is the problem?   
The only change I made to the program before saving was to add one  
small simple handler which for the first time uses the "set  
traversalOn" command.  I am trying to save standalones for both Mac  
OSx and for Windows. Could that be the problem?  Please advise.

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